A Cautionary Tale for Lovers

Brought to you by the Bureau of Foreign Youth Exchange Programmes:

“Italy is beautiful,” Amanda thought, as she walked the streets of the quaint Italian village.

It was twilight, the magic hour. The shadows and the cool colors danced on the cream colored walls and played down the tight streets, guiding the local children home for supper. Even though Amanda had been in this European paradise for a couple months now, it was still hard to believe how beautiful her temporary home was. She was grateful to herself that she decided to take a semester abroad and not stay in the states to get those extra credits.

She was tired from her day of study, but the buzz of the local shops gave her a second wind. America did not offer such a vibrant life. The people here used their hands; cooking, baking, constructing, caressing. A simple thing, like a friendly conversation, was handled with grace and dignity. Having seen such elegance, Amanda now saw America as a bloated cow stumbling down a dirt road with no destination. Amanda did not want to leave.

Amanda suddenly stopped in her tracks. She couldn’t believe it, but there sitting at the cafe reading a book, by himself, was Raffaele. Handsome Raffaele. A soft spoken classmate, Amanda had had a crush on him for weeks now.

A second surprise! Raffaele, spotting Amanda, waved her over to sit with him. Before Amanda knew it, she was sitting right next to the young Italian, studying his peaceful brown eyes.

Talking to him in Italian was pure joy, second only to listening to him. She was memorized by his lips as he coolly spoke to her about the test next week, when all of a sudden, she felt his warm hand on her delicate one. Her breath was quickly taken away. She slowly looked down at the two hands touching, and then slowly back at Raffaele. His words of next week’s test were now replaced with words of his affection for Amanda.

Amanda could only smile. She did not know what to say, but did not have to think long, as Raffaele turned her smile into a kiss.

Amanda exploded inside. “Italy is beautiful!” she thought. “I feel like I can do anything. Nothing can go wrong. Nothing can go wrong! I can do anything! I can do anything! I AM ABOVE THE LAW.”

WRONG! Please reference Case 0149.

A Message from the Bureau of Foreign Youth Exchange Programmes:

When falling in love in romantic, foreign countries, you are still subject to the law. The law is enforced by these countries’ governments. There are some cases where claiming insanity has worked, with the accused being diagnosed with the “love crazy” syndrome. However, this rarely works.

If you are young with a virgin heart and will be traveling abroad, it is highly recommended that you avoid falling in love with young, charming foreigners at all cost. If you do fall in love, penalties may include a $500,000 fine or 25-26 years in jail.

Please be advised. Thank you.

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