art + beer = i’m a genius

i’m pumped because I’m taking my first every art class and it turns out I’m really good.  i mean it’s not my first.  i did arty stuff in elementary school like everyone else, but now I’m doing it in a serious way in this art120 elements of form class and i’m completely holding the class by the scrote. we’ve got this assignment to make something out of materials that you don’t think would be use for art.  what i’m doing is so ingenuious, they’ll probably ask me to teach a class next semester.  i’ m working on this sick sculpture using cardboard from keystone light boxes that my bromate and i never got around to throwing out.  i’ve heard that artists are suppose to create things out of what they know, and i know keystone light. i’m pretty positive that no ones made art out of beer before.

i can’t tell what it’s going to be yet but it’s completely clutch. i’m going for something abstract and modern, with hints of surrealism. at first i thought it might be some kind of badass war machine. But my teacher jeff said it looked like a flower and i’m def going for something no homo so I’m trying to change it now.  it’s a good thing my broomie Bobo and i hardly ever take out the trash. i was on my way to taking it out last monday cause it was starting to get rank but he was hiding behind our door and jumped me on my way to the hallway. we started fake wrestling like we do and then it turned into real wrestlingn like always happens and then the whole 4th floor watched us go at it. but then I got a concushon so we had to stop and I never took out the trash.  but now I’m running out of keystone boxes.

i’d call my “lady friend” to pick me up some more but that dumb flooz messed up my iphone last weekend with her vomit.  if I try to turn it on, I just see my dave matthews wallpaper without any of my icons!  GDWTFS!?! i’m going to see if my RA Raz will let me take his car out again to pick up some more.  i’ve got to go tho. i hear bobo coming down the hall.  i’ve got a tube of icy hot and i’m going to hide in his closet so I can get him good this time.


the D Meister

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