Peyton, Tyler, Brian & Josh

Claymore met on the ground that spawns spontaneous creativity, otherwise known as improvisational theatre. While at the University of Maryland College Park, these lone individuals found themselves combining forces to give birth to countless hours of entertainment, some say enjoyable, some say mind-blowing, some say who cares. In any case, the bonds created there would take them beyond the walls of university and into the "real world." With a desire to continue to do what they love, they begat their own production company and website, an outlet to showcase the fruits of their creative labors. And this is it.

Peyton Brown

Peyton lives in Chicago. He is usually employed. As an improviser, actor, writer, and filmmaker he has, to date, made zero dollars. Any small successes, as such, he attributes to the brilliant and talented people with whom he surrounds himself. Amen.

Brian Hurwitz

Brian tries to suffer a little for his art every day. He believes that a suffer a day keeps the mediocrity away. When Brian isn't busy being all deep and conflicted, he does other things. Sometimes he doodles. Sometimes these doodles turn into moving images. Sometimes Brian has to stay home to trim and comb his eyebrows. But don't judge. They are his main means of emoting and require a lot of upkeep.

Josh Segovia

Josh was born on the Gulf of Mexico, but he is not from Mexico, he is from Texas, but, he is kind of Mexican and always kind to Mexicans. He's big, not in a scary way but in an "I'm big in Japan" sort of way. He can not be found not singing but will not always not have a song in mind or on his lips. He went to one Boy Scout meeting when he was little and did not join because there were no women involved. In the 3rd grade he was sent to the office for choking another student with just his voice. He will from time to time climb on a roof with no exit strategy. He should be given your full attention when necessary or he will take it by force. He is a good person and is known to smile and laugh quite often.

Tyler Smith

Tyler has no idea where he's going, just as long as he gets there. He has no plan. There seems to be no plan. Where's his plan? He left it back at the restaurant. He'll call them tomorrow to see if they have it, and if they do, he'll swing by the dry cleaners as well. Two birds with one stone. Tyler went to Ute Meadows Elementary School.